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9 July 2018 This post is part of an effort to public-ize tools I have for personal use.

Orange County, NC, makes a lot of data public, but it's not fantastic about accessibility or tying different data sources together. Local land records are a good example: data is plentiful and of relatively high quality,(1) but knitting the bits into a cohesive dataset is difficult — especially if you're working manually on a mobile device. So you can easily figure out information about a property, and you can separately figure out where this property is located, but doing two at once involves a little too much copy-pasting. The search box below fixes this problem. All results are clickable links that open in Google Maps.

Address search by name
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Side note: Durham County's land records system lists all the data together, without a need for separate queries. Good job, Durham!


  1. It's not perfect. My street name has different spellings in county records and in the USPS. I also know for fact that some of my neighbors' names are misspelled. This may or may not be indicative of broader problems. [back]

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