"dynamic" dns updates for 1&1 hosting

30 August 2013

Update 18 January 2016:

This post has been removed due to my inability to keep up with 1&1's changes to their web interface.

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They changed the website just a bit, and your script fails. Please fix it, as I am clueless :(
lol (19 December 2013, 5:55pm)
I'm getting an error:

Cannot find DNS update button on 1&1 domain overview page. at [script location] line 178

Could you please look into it? Unfortunately, I don't know Perl.
Sushain (30 December 2013, 12:49am)
Hi Sushain,

Admittedly that error is a little cryptic; I will work on making it more sensible. In the meantime, it is likely that you put in the wrong login information. Be sure that 'thisismydomain.us' and 'thisismypassword' are replaced with suitable login information for your account.
Kyle (30 December 2013, 8:56am)
Thank you for fixing the script. I will as the people that maintain ddclient to include it. One part of Linux distributions, your code will be fixed by others.
lol (31 December 2013, 8:38am)
This script didn't work with 1and1.es, but can be easily modified changing only 4 lines in 3 places:

--------------- AT BEGINNING ---------------

< my $_1AND1_LOGIN_PAGE = 'https://www.1and1.es/login';

< my $_1AND1_LOGIN_FORM = 'https://clientes.1and1.es/'; # this could be automated out

---------------- AT LINE 204 aprox --------------

< if ( $update_response->content =~ /Enviar\<\/div\>\]*name="([^"]*)"/ )


> if ( $update_response->content =~ /OK\<\/div\>\]*name="([^"]*)"/ )

----------------- AT LINE 229 aprox -------------

< if ( $response->content =~ /Se ha guardado su configuraci/ )


> if ( $response->content =~ /Your DNS settings have been saved/ )

davidrf (5 January 2014, 4:16am)
I can't seem to get the subdomain info anymore, since 1and1 has changed their website. Right-clicking on links on their site doesn't show copy anymore. Could you look into this?
TheMacMini09 (16 August 2014, 3:33pm)

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