bus rate

27 February 2013

bus rate (n.): a tally of mass transit vehicles passed while in transit from point A to point B; used to define time-advantage of chosen transit mode and to gloat about the same.

This morning, I passed two 704s and three 4s; that's a pretty decent bus rate.

Is bike commuting time-effective? It's tough to say, but my bus rate by bike is two 10s and a 105; my bus rate by bus is zero.

Note that bus rate is not a scalar concept, but is vector-valued: because different lines have different schedules, passing two of one line carries a different meaning from passing two of another, which is distinct again from passing one of each. Keep this in mind when issuing comparisons across commute routes; of course, it is 100% reasonable to choose your route based on the highest apparent bus rate.

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